Parking for Students with Disabilities

photostripAll employees and students with handicapped permits or plates issued by a state department of motor vehicles must display a UConn parking permit.  Specially designated spaces are available in the garage and located in the faculty section toward the front gate exit.  There are also specially designated parking spaces located on Franklin street alongside the building where the café’ and library are located.

Applications for temporary/permanent state handicapped permits are available through the State of Connecticut Motor Vehicle Department.  For more information go to:

Campus Accessibility

Accessible entrances are located on Franklin St, and at the corner of Broad St. and Washington Blvd.  (There is a ramp straight ahead when entering the building at Broad St. and Washington Blvd.)

Elevator provides access to both the 2nd and 3rd floors between the Co-op and the Library.

*The entrances to the following are equipped for handheld remote access:

  • Registration (Room 2.02)
  • Student Services (Room 2.01)
  • Computer Lab (Room 3.05)
  • Restrooms

*You must get permission to use handheld remote from the Office for Students with Disabilities-Room 2.01.

Please inform us of any concerns you might have with the campus accessibility or if you are looking for accommodations by calling Student Services at 203-251-8484. Thank you!